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Spencer Schaefer

Spencer Schaefer

Systems Administrator

855-884-2360 Ext. 6210


Why did you choose Atlas MedStaff?

I joined Atlas because of the atmosphere and the people who make this company what it is. Getting the chance to work with all technical operations throughout the day is just one of the reasons why I love working for Atlas. Having been an intern for Atlas in the past for 2 years, I believe I have gained great insight on the day to day operations from a technology standpoint.


Rebecca Jaquis - mother, Brad Givens - step father, Chandler Schaefer - brother.


Stärke - German Shepherd, Jax - cat


Playing piano and pipe organ, sound and lighting design and operation, hanging with friends, sleeping and watching the sitcom "Friends".

Top five things on your Bucket List:

1. Visit Notre Dame
2. Fly a plane
3. Hang out with Bruno Mars for a day
4. Live in another country for at least a year
5. Own a Tesla

Favorite Quote:

"Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try."

Spencer's Videos